Would you like to change your sexual orientation? | Vinay Chandran | TEDxNITTrichy

Can medical treatment cure homosexuality?
Why is the Article 377 obsolete?
What’s wrong in the society’s view of homosexuals?

In our society, living a homesexual life can be looked upon as a taboo. They have to put up with gender discrimination everyday. Many are forced to change their sexual orientation. Watch Vinay Chandran talk as he digs deep into Article 377 of India, enlightening us about the injustice it is causing everyday to the sexual minorities.

Vinay Chandran is the Executive Director of the Swabhava Trust, a charitable trust which reaches out to the sexual minorities who are otherwise marginalised. Swabhava Trust, in Bangalore, India, has given the LGBT community over 15 years of strong support, fighting for their rights.

In this talk, he gives a really convincing perspective about the Article 377 of India and its flaws. He also talks about the atrocities against the transgenders. His talk is an eye-opener for anyone who would want to know more about LGBT and the Article 377.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at