Top 10 Clear Signs Your Phone Was Hacked

10 Clear Signs Your Phone Was Hacked. The famous proverb called Tell me who your friend is, I will tell you who you are which has been existing before the entry of mobile phones, and it helps to hack. But we can change it according to the current trend like Tell me about your mobile. I will tell who you are.

Intro – 00:00

If we see a person’s mobile, it will provide all his details to us. Today, everyone has branded smartphones in their hand, but they don’t know how to use them in a proper manner which results in them in a problematic situation. And there is no privacy for using their phones. But we can save them from the hackers by properly using them. And here there are 10 clear signs your phone was hacked.

Spy Apps – 01:30

Once if these apps are installed on your mobile, it helps to track your activities like what you are doing and track your Sms, phone calls, photos, and videos, etc. You can’t hide or run anywhere because the hackers are watching you.

Free Wifi – 02:20

Everyone will connect free wifi by knowing what network it is? After seeing this video think before while connecting to the public wifi. So, don’t connect the wifi networks before thinking well. We can’t be able to stop the leakage of our information if we connect them before knowing. So, the hackers are not thinking day and night to steal your information; we are the key which creates the path to hack our details. So, don’t connect the free wifi on your mobile whenever you go.

USB Charging – 02:57

While charging your mobile also be careful. Charging in our home is not a problem but while charging in flights, cars, and buses using USB helps to transfer your files automatically. So, avoid USB charging while you are going outside. But, the upcoming phones of this current year are very safe to use because we can transfer the files only if we unlock them. But all the mobile phones are safe to use or handle. So, be careful while charging them.

Fake SMS – 03:42

If anyone comes and asking our details, we won’t provide them. But if anyone says we had a gift which has won any special prizes and fill these form accurately means we fill with an eagerness. So, you are the first person who provides your information directly to them. So, like this way, hackers can try to steal your information. And don’t believe in this fake SMS.

I have told you to reset your mobile for all the problems. If the problem arises again after the reset, it was only by your fault. So, from escaping from this problem, don’t connect your mobile with the computers at outside, turn off your automatic wifi connecting, avoid opening the messages which come through links, don’t save your password in your mobile phones, use your mobile internet for online payments and fund transfer. And don’t use wifi and avoid using passwords for your mobile.


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