Pregnant at 15…Is my teen still having sex, drinking and using drugs?

Wednesday,Maury tries to get teenage girls back on the right track! Rosalia is desperate to help her 17 year old daughter Rosa. While Rosa is 17, she already has a two year old son who Rosalia says takes care of. Rosa believes it’s her mother’s job to look after her son so she can go to school and go out with friends and have fun. Rosalia believes that her isn’t setting a good example, because she is drinking, doing drugs and having unprotected sex! Then, Shenequa is terrified that her 15 year old daughter Sky is headed down a path of self-destruction. Sky has been arrested for shoplifting, smoking marijuana and trespassing. While Sky sees her incidents as funny, Shenequa fails to see the humor in the situation and hopes that Sky gets a wakeup call that will force her to change her ways for the better! Plus, Tisa is worried sick about her daughter Josyln’s well-being. She claims that Jocelyn gets into fights, does various kinds of drugs and boasts about being promiscuous. Don’t miss this dramatic episode as Maury helps these wayward teens make better choices in life, today!

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The Maury Show explores compelling relationships and family issues including: sexual infidelity, out-of-control teens, domestic violence, paternity testing and much more! You’ll also find exclusive footage of guest stories involving baby daddy drama, lie detector testing, cheaters and everything in between! #Maury3000