Goldbar's Pork Cocktail Recipe – Behind the Drink

This week on Behind the Drink, mixologist Andy Seymour visits Tim Cooper at Goldbar to discover the secret behind their infamous pork-infused cocktail. Subscribe for more:

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This week’s drink mixture’s key ingredient is Pork Cheek Fat Infused Campari. Made by cooking out the oil in pork cheeks, mixing it with the Campari and then letting the fat solidify. Once it is solid, it can be sifted out of the liquor, but the flavor stays behind. Mix with some vermouth and some Mezcal, garnish with an orange peel, and serve to satisfied guests. Inspired by a trip to the region of Mexico where Mezcal is from, this is one of Goldbar’s signature cocktails, and now it can be one of yours!

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