Giving into Temptation: 8 (Final Part)

– – – – – – – – – –

Opening the door to his suite, Miley smiled as Joe let her inside. “I hope it’s not too late when I called you. I just knew I had to tell you.”

“It’s fine. I was about to call you anyways to see how it went. Did he take it hard?” Joe peered down at her as Miley nodded.

“Yeah, he took it pretty hard but it was worth it in the end as long as I got you.” She smiled as he smirked before leaning down and pressing their lips together.

Pulling away, Miley pressed her forehead to his. “And I wouldn’t feel guilty for doing that either.”

Chuckling, Joe slammed their lips back to one another as he wasted no time, pulling her legs up so that they wrapped around his lower torso. Pulling her bottom lip into his mouth eh began chewing on it, his lip sucking the top soon after as Miley moaned into his mouth, grabbing the back of his head as she pulled at the hair at the ends.

Laying her on his bed, he quickly yet gradually moved on top of her as he tore his numb lips from hers before slowly leaning down and taking the skin of her neck into his lips.

Pulling his shirt up, Miley discarded it to the side as he did the same with her blouse. A few seconds had past when the both of them had gone completely naked except for the piece of garment still left to be torn off.

As the both of them felt completely hot for one another, they had not wasted a second before they had pulled the pieces of clothes off and continued with the long night of lust ahead of them.

– – – – – – – –

Sighing dreamily as Joe pulled out of her and laid beside her, Miley bit down on her lip as she relived the memories of their night of sex in her head before gradually moaning to herself. “That was amazing,” She breathed out as she turned to wrap her arm around his damp chest when her arm came in contact with the messy sheets beside her, Joe nowhere in sight.

Looking up, Miley noticed Joe pulling his clothes on. “What are you doing? Get back in bed.”

“No, thanks.” He responded in a mono tone as Miley furrowed her brows in confusion.

“Don’t be silly,” She shook her head, a small smile playing on her lips. “Get back in be—”

“I’m not kidding,” He spat ion a disregarding manner. “I’m not getting back in ebd with you.”

“And why not?” Miley questioned, hurt behind every word she spoke.

“Because I’m done with you.” He shrugged, slipping on his wife beater.

“Excuse me?” Miley sat up as she clutched the sheets to her chest, tears ready to spill from her eyes at any second now.

“You heard me, I’m not getting back in bed with you so I suggest you get dressed and get the hell out of my suite now.” He turned to look at her with dark eyes.

“What has gotten into you?” She gawked with wide eyes.

“Don’t you see? I got what I wanted from you, now I’m done. You can leave now.” He waved her off as he walked towards the door. “You should be gone by the time I come back and with that he left the room leaving a confused and stung Miley behind.

Falling back against the bed, Miley finally realized what happened and couldn’t believe what she had done. She not only left her husband for a man she barely knew but she gave herself to him in such an intimate way just to have given him what he wanted all along. She gave into temptation and lost everything in return.

Karma is one hell of a bitch.