From Keeping Clean to Latin Cuisine

The Balancing Act keeping it real with it comes to a woman’s sexual health.
Dr. Michael Krychman joins us today to talk about how to properly care for your most intimate area. Many women don’t even know that they are practicing sub-optimal vaginal hygiene! But there is help. And speaking of health…. Multiple Myeloma is rare form of cancer but made headlines when Tom Brokaw became its proponent. In another Hollywood-type story, we meet an inspiring woman who has helped her husband fight the disease and learn more about what’s being done to combat it. Also, do you have a new roommate? It’s the start of the college school year, and the pros from West Texas A&M University are here to provide advice on how to live in harmony with your new flatmate. Plus Chef Ralph Pagano treats us to a Latin Delicacy – Tres Leches. Learn how you can make this delicious dessert, and so much more.

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