Education On Sexual Abuse for Students & Parents – Doctors For Dancers – YPAD – V.I.P – Dance

Doctors For Dancers invites all parents, studio owners, teachers, dancers, business owners, industry professionals, and those that support the dance community to join us for an educational workshop that prioritizes accountability and understanding of sex-abuse in dance.

What We Covered:
What is sex-abuse? How and why does it happen?
What is consent?
Internet Safety
What is grooming and how does it occur?
Music and the Moves
The connection between sexualization and objectification to sex-abuse.
The proper steps to reporting sex-abuse
What to do if the abuse happens at your studio/convention/competition
We will then host a Q&A with our panel.
*Mature Content will be discussed.
Two workshops are available:

Our Host:
Galit Friedländer
Creator of DanceSpeakPodcast
You can find her on Doctors For Dancers

Kim Pribyl
Youth Advocate & Prevention Educator

Leslie Scott
Founder of Youth Protection In Dance(YPAD)

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