Distanced & Solo Activity Stella Harris 9 20 20

A presentation for Reed College on Distanced and solo sexual activity, by Stella Harris, Certified Intimacy Educator & Sex Coach (more info at stellaharris.net)
Needing to keep a safe distance from other people doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to explore sex and sexuality — both solo and with a partner or partners. We’re lucky to have a lot of technology available that can keep us connected. From sexting to phone sex to video playtime, and yes, even old fashioned love notes, there are many ways to build and maintain intimacy. In this class we’ll discuss everything from how to put our fantasies into words, to ways to use toys and tech to make those fantasies come true. What about solo play? We’ll cover ways to destigmatize masturbation and maximize pleasure and to make self love a regular part of self care.