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This is the final episode in the Campi Flegrei series. We will be covering an eruption simulation of Campi Flegrei in modern times, only we will be scaling up its explosivity. (See below for more info regarding the reasoning behind why I chose the explosivity demonstrated in this video).

Alongside the simulation I will be covering the final few key questions regarding how Campi Flegrei is so powerful and is able to erupt at a frequency unlike any Volcano on Earth, and the why to go alongside this. I will also cover the new discovery documented this year about yet another mega eruption and how it has remained hidden from scientists for so long as well as the fact there are many, many other known eruptions that still require proving. I list all known eruptions up to 315,000 years ago.

I will also go into detail regarding how Campi Flegrei has literally constructed its own concrete prison, and this “prison” is actively working to prevent an eruption from taking place by reinforcing the earth above it to a very large degree. It’s providing an elasticity against the unusual seismicity as well as incredibly strong reinforcement. The Romans actually modeled this unknowingly and you’ll find out what I mean.

Lastly, I cover the landscape and very complex geological features at the end after the simulation.

I said in prior episodes that I would be recreating the First Phlegraean Period’s eruption, however, there was a new discovery only last month that solidified my hypothesis regarding Campi Flegrei’s ability to quickly conceal past major eruptions with the giant ones proceeding them. As a result, since we know Campi Flegrei has erupted since 315,000 years ago and I strongly believe Campi Flegrei erupted at a Volcanic Explosivity Index of 8 in the past, and have a hypothesis of how it might’ve looked due to how present day Italy actually bares the marks of a giant caldera, far larger than the one seen in the first phlegraean period, that I believe more and more could have been one of its first eruptions that could have been even larger than Toba. I might make a video on this in the future but will spent more time studying before I do.

Another reason I chose a VEI 8 demonstration is this is a great benchmark to place other known giant super volcanic eruptions against. In this video, I am recreating at a minimum the size of material released during the La Garita Super Eruption which was at a minimum a release of 5000 cubic kilometers of volcanic fall out. I have only seen yellowstone recreations and yellowstone didn’t come anywhere near as close to the La Garita Eruption even though it is part of the same complex. Infact it didn’t even come close to the New Zealand Super Eruption. So I put a lot of effort in a timeline documenting the most adverse effects humanity would face and I attempted to place it in a way that could be construed as most realistic. At the end of the day, modern humans haven’t faced a Super volcano. So accuracy will always be skewed until we do… That is if we made it through the event.

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0:00 – 2:38 Intro + What To Expect
2:38 – 5:10 New Eruption Discovery
4:50 All Eruptions We Know Of
5:10 – 8:55 – Self Made Prison
6:38 – How It Made It
7:20 – Prison Infographic
8:55 – 9:15 – Intro to Simulation
9:15 – 10:06 2009 & Solfatara Di Pozzuoli
10:06 – Pisciarelli 2009 & Increase In Activity
10:21 – 1950 – Present Level of Uplift
11:07 – Earthquake in 2017
11:36 – Simulation Start
12:05 – Leading Up To Eruption
12:45 – Day Before Eruption
13:22 – Morning of Eruption
15:50 – Mega Tsunamis
16:27 – First Italy, Then The World
16:55 – Ash Cloud Spread Infographic
17:14 – Fallout Release Infographic
17:41 – Detailed Look Into Ash Cloud Spread (Infographics)
20:08 – 1 Day After The Eruption
22:07 – 2 Days After The Eruption
25:35 – 3 Days After The Eruption
27:14 – 4 Days After The Eruption
31:03 – 5 Days After The Eruption
32:20 – 6 Days After The Eruption
34-45 – 7 Days After The Eruption
36:21 – 8 Days After The Eruption
37:35 – 9 Days After The Eruption
38:53 – 10 Days After The Eruption
42:00 – 11 Days After The Eruption
43:42 – 12 Days After The Eruption
44:49 – 17 Days After The Eruption
46:12 – The Aftermath: The Weeks And Months Following Following The Eruption
48:06 – The Final Impact It Has
49:28 – The Positives
50:52 – End of Simulation
50:53 – Why Is Campi Flegrei So Powerful? + Infographics On Complex Geology of Italy