20. Teen Sexuality and Teen Pregnancy

Global Problems of Population Growth (MCDB 150)

Rates of teen pregnancy in the US are quite high, in contrast to European countries which have much lower rates, especially those with liberal attitudes toward sexuality. Traditionally, puberty and marriage were simultaneous. Now, the many years spent in education leaves a long time between those life stages. Sex education is not particularly strong. Contraception has allowed the rate of teen pregnancy to decrease steadily in spite of the fact that teen sex is consistently increasing. Non-marital childbearing is high in all industrialized countries.

00:00 – Chapter 1. Introduction to Teen Sexuality and Pregnancy
10:00 – Chapter 2. Sex Education and Conflated Teen Sex Issues
18:49 – Chapter 3. Definitions of Marriage
28:19 – Chapter 4. Teen Sexuality
38:09 – Chapter 5. Pregnancy, Marriage, and Single-Parent Families
47:38 – Chapter 6. Trends in Teen Sexuality and Pregnancy
01:02:16 – Chapter 7. Teen Pregnancy in the US and Internationally

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