The Chemistry Majors

Players Implicated in the Mitchell Report, December 2007
& Those Who Were Previously Implicated in Steroid or HGH Abuse.

Potential Hall of Famers are highlighted. None have failed a drug test, except as noted.

Allen, Chad
Ankiel, Rick²
Bell, Mike
Bell, David²
Benard, Marvin¹
Bennett, Gary
Bigbie, Larry
Bonds, Barry¹
Bones, Ricky
Brown, Kevin
Byrd, Paul²
Caminiti, Ken
Admitted taking steroids in MVP year.
Canseco, Jose²
Admitted taking steroids.
Carreon, Mark
Christiansen, Jason
Clark, Howie
Clemens, Roger
Implicated by Brian McNamee.
Crawford, Paxton
Cust, Jack
Donnelly, Brendan
Donnels, Chris
Dykstra, Lenny
Estalella, Bobby¹
Franco, Matt
Franklin, Ryan
Gagné, Eric
Giambi, Jason¹
Giambi, Jeremy¹
Gibbons, Jay²
Glaus, Troy²
Grimsley, Jason
Guillen, Jose²
Hairston, Jerry
Herges, Matt
Hiatt, Phil
Hill, Glenallen
Holmes, Darren²
Hundley, Todd
Jorgensen, Ryan
Joyner, Wally
Judd, Mike
Justice, David
Knoblauch, Chuck
Laker, Tim
Lansing, Mike
Lo Duca, Paul
Logan, Exavier Prente (Nook)
Implicated by Kirk Radomski
Manzanillo, Josias
Matthews, Gary Jr.²
McKay, Cody
McGwire, Mark³
Admitted to taking androstenedione.
Mercker, Kent
Miadich, Bart
Morris, Hal
Naulty, Daniel
Neagle, Denny
Palmeiro, Rafael
Tested positive for steroids.
Parque, Jim
Perez, Luis
Pettitte, Andy
Admitted to The Nw York Times to using human growth hormone twice.
Piatt, Adam
Pratt, Todd
Randolph, Stephen
Riggs, Adam
Roberts, Brian
Rocker, John²
Santangelo, F. P.
Santiago, Benito¹
Schoeneweis, Scott²
Segui, David
Admitted to The Baltimore Sun to experimenting with anabolic steroids.
Sheffield, Gary¹
Sosa, Sammy³
Testified before Congress and did not specifically deny taking steroids or human growth hormones.
Stanton, Mike
Stone, Ricky
Tejada, Miguel
Turnbow, Derrick
Valdez, Ismael²
Vaughn, Mo
Velarde, Randy¹
Villone, Ron
Vina, Fernando
White, Rondell
Williams, Jeff
Williams, Todd
Williams, Matt²
Woodard, Steve²
Young, Kevin
Zaun, Gregg

¹ Implicated in the Balco case.

² Implicated through the Applied Pharmacy Services customer list.

³ Implicated other than through the Mitchell Report of December 2007.

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