Ground Rules

Rules of play pertaining to this stadium

No libels allowed
Ruling: Permanently ineligible. No comment posted here may be libelous. The dead cannot be libeled.
No cheap shots
Ruling: Suspension. Make sure that your facts are either statistically or historically supportable.
No irrelevance
Ruling: Suspension. This site is for debating the National Baseball Hall of Fame merits of players, umpires and executives, and their method of selection. Keep all comments to that subject.
No foul language
Ruling: Permanently ineligible. Quoting Tommy Lasorda is not an excuse.
No posting of copyrighted material
Ruling: Ejection. Everything posted here must be your own work. Quoting others is OK as long as it is brief and attributed.
No advertisements
Ruling: Ejection. No commercial messages herein.
Discussion of players outside Major League Baseball
Ruling: Fair ball. Although not eligible for Hall of Fame membership, discussing the Hall of Fame merits of players in the Japanese, Mexican and other leagues is permitted.
Statistical comparisons between the Major and Negro Leagues
Ruling: Foul ball. Such direct comparisons are irrelevant and misleading. The Negro Leagues were substantial enough to stand on their own.
Links to other baseball-related sites
Ruling: Fair ball. But they must be baseball related, otherwise they will be ejected.